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Important Reminders

Appropriate Dress
Students must dress appropriately for school so that they do not disrupt the educational process.  In the upper grades: no midriffs, no short-shorts or short skirts; open-arm jerseys must be worn with a t-shirt underneath, and shoulder straps should be at least three fingers wide.

Cell Phones
Students may bring cell phones into the school, however, upon entering the building, the phones must be turned off and stored in backpacks, lockers, or cubbies.  Students may not use a cell phone (talk or text message) during school hours.  They may use their cell phones once they exit the building after school hours. Students who abuse this cell phone policy will have their phones confiscated.

Valuable Items
We ask that students not bring valuable items such as electronic games, music players, and trading cards to school.  The school is not responsible for items that are lost or stolen.  If an item is necessary for an assignment, the student should ask the teacher to hold the item to ensure its safe keeping.

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